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Hasan Toprakkaya, Founder of SocialityIo
Hasan Toprakkaya, Founder of SocialityIo

Dear Hasan, can you give us a short brief about yourself? 

I graduated from the Computer Engineering of Istanbul Technical University in 2005. After graduation, I was started to work on Anadolu Group as a software developer.

For the last 10 years, I have been part of the few tech startups as an entrepreneur or partner. Now, I am the founder of Sociality.io – a SaaS social media management platform.

What is your biggest motivation to be an entrepreneur?

I was started to build products when I was in the second year of the university. I developed an entertainment website and the same year I applied one of the biggest awards in Turkey digital sector which is Altin Orumcek. I won the third prize for the entertainment website of the year in 2002.

That time I realized that being a maker was the most satisfiable thing that I ever experienced. After that, I’ve been always building new services and new products. Most of them failed but I always enjoy the journey.

Have you raised any funding? Have you joined any acceleration program?

For Sociality.io, No we didn’t raise any funding. We are bootstrapped and we want to be bootstrapped as long as we can.

We joined 3 acceleration/network programs that are ITU Magnet (Turkey), Station F (France), Natwest Accelerator Program (UK).

What has been one of your biggest failures, and what did you learn from that experience?

Not thinking global at day one. I did this mistake several times. Now, when we are developing new products for Socialit.io, I am always thinking how we can reach the users from all around the world?, is this feature is an enabler for the users in the US or the people in the UK. I am trying to change the way of my thinking.

Do you have any daily routines or tactics to be more productive?

I am a big fan of Inbox Zero and I am using a TODO application for organizing my task. Every Sunday night I organize my whole tasks for the coming week. And every morning I am keen to work on boring tasks first. My calendar is open to meetings only for Tuesday and Thursday. Other days of the week I am mostly working on deep tasks.

What are your top 3 software products? Personal or not.

Todoist, G Suite, Slack.

What single advice do you have for other founders?

Don’t afraid to dream big but take small steps every time and iterate, iterate, iterate without stopping. Enjoy while you are being on the journey.

How can people find & follow you?

They can find me from Twitter or they can email me directly hasan [at] sociality.io.

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