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Emre Sokullu
Emre Sokullu – Founder of Groupsville

Dear Emre, can you give us a short brief about yourself?  

My name is Emre (pronounced Am-Ray). I’m a self-taught technologist with 10+ years specialization in social web and some expertise in decentralization.

I’m best known for starting Grou.ps (now Groupsville) which is one of the first, if not first, private social networking platforms.

What is your biggest motivation to be an entrepreneur?

To change the world, really. It started as a way to prove the world that we can build high-impact products from this side of the world (Turkey/Middle East) and create positive experiences for everyone.

I feel I’ve accomplished this vision with Grou.ps which reached 8 million monthly unique visitors circa 2011, and by inspiring others. But of course, there’s more to do.

Have you raised any funding? Have you joined any acceleration program?

Yes, a little north of $5MM from several VCs.

What has been one of your biggest failures, and what did you learn from that experience?

When the VC firm that backed us collapsed, we were forced to switch to a free model, upsetting our users. I fought to the last drop of my blood to protect our values but perhaps I should have been more aggressive and taken different approaches to conserve the integrity of our company.

Do you have any daily routines or tactics to be more productive?


What are your top 3 software products? Personal or not.

Chrome, VS Code and Slack.

What single advice do you have for other founders?

None. Because each venture has its own characteristics.

How can people find & follow you?

I’m mostly active on Twitter.

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